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About my Fairy taleNeapolitan Demi-Couture

Founded in 2020 in Naples, Saman Loira is an Italian fashion brand with a romantic and sophisticated taste, which designs, produces and sells women's prèt-à-porter and demi-couture ceremony clothing.

The Saman Loira brand was born from the need to express its creativity, targeting a female audience, enhancing their elegance, sensuality and ethereal soul. Saman Loira bases its identity by evoking dreamy stories, fairy tales and visions.

Essential values such as women's emancipation and sustainable development are the focal point and the mission of the brand, whose ambition is to seduce women in the world with its aesthetic vision and its cultural interpretations.

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Embroidered Velvet Coat
Pleated Satin Skirt
Shooting Spring / Summer